The notarization process usually involves 3 steps:

1) Presenting the notary with a valid form of identification.

These forms of ID almost always have a photograph and are issued by a state or other government entity. Examples of valid ID include a passport, non-driver ID card or driver’s license. Some states may accept other forms of identification is valid so it is always important to review your particular state’s requirements.

2) Signing the documents you need notarized in front of the notary.

Once you have established your identity you must then sign the document in front of the notary. The notary may make a photocopy of your ID and may take notes in a journal or logbook. This allows the notary to recall the signing of the document easily and have proof that the steps were followed if the validity of the document is ever challenged.

3) The notary will fix their seal and stamp to the document.

The seal and the stamp serve as proof that the notary was indeed present and witnessed you sign the document. It also provides the name of the notary and when their notary license expires in case they ever need to be contacted about the document. By affixing their seal and stamp the notary is also affirming that they have followed all the prescribed steps necessary to ensure the document is legitimate when signed.

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