Is it necessary to have an attorney’s signature?
Attorney Representation versus document review
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So you've drafted your prenup and are wondering how to go about getting an attorney involved before you sign that baby!

Do you need attorney advice, document review or attorney representation? It depends on your situation!

HelloPrenup is not a law firm, and we cannot offer legal advice relating to your specific situation, including which type of attorney related services are best for you. Attorneys may work differently, and the scope of their representation will differ depending on the attorney, your specific situation and needs, as well as the agreed-upon scope of engagement. This article is for informational purposes only.

Attorney Advice

Attorney advice is just what it sounds like! Scheduling a time to chat with a lawyer to answer questions or concerns can be extremely beneficial and allows you to obtain legal advice relating to your specific situation. Many couples choose to obtain attorney advice while they are filling out their HelloPrenup questionnaire.

Attorney advice may be helpful if:

  • You're not sure if you need a prenup

  • You're not sure what to include in your agreement

  • You're curious about default state divorce law if you do not get a prenup

  • You have specific questions and/or would like legal advice.

Prenup Document Review

Generally, when you hire a lawyer for prenup document review, your lawyer will review your draft prenuptial agreement, give advice based on your specific circumstances, and may make suggestions or edits to the document based on your needs or concerns. If you are hiring an attorney for document review, make sure you are clear about your expectations and the scope of your relationship with them (ie whether or not they will be making edits to your agreement).

Prenup document review may be helpful if:

  • You're not sure if what you have included in your agreement is sufficient for your needs

  • You would like custom clauses added to your agreement based on your specific situation

  • You'd like a "gut-check" that your document is comprehensive, i.e. correctly lists financial disclosures, waivers, notarization, etc.

  • You have specific questions and/or would like legal advice.

Attorney Representation aka Attorney Signature

There is often confusion around what is included when you want or need an attorney to 'sign off' or 'provide a signature' on your prenup. This is usually what most attorneys refer to as representation. Some states require attorney representation in order for certain clauses in a prenup to be enforced. Generally, if you hire an attorney for full representation, that attorney reviews your agreement, provides legal advice, may make changes to the document or add clauses specific to your situation, and could further negotiate the terms if needed.

Attorney representation may be beneficial or necessary if:

  • You would like to have an attorney negotiate terms of your prenup, on your behalf

  • You are an extremely high net worth individual with complex asset structures that would benefit from attorney-led negotiation, custom terms and/or specific documentation.

  • Generally, representation may be beneficial if your prenup is ever challenged, because some courts may weigh whether or not parties were represented when determining if they understood the legal rights they were waiving when entering into the agreement.

  • Specifically, in California, attorney representation is required in order to include a Waiver of Spousal Support. Per the California family code, a waiver of spousal support will not be enforced without attorney representation of the party who waived their right. Read more about Spousal Support in California.

Overall, attorney representation may increase the likelihood of your prenuptial agreement being enforced if contested in a divorce proceeding, and in some states, is required to waive certain rights. More questions about prenup validity? Read more here.

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